What I Do and Don’t Do as a Designer

Do you think Interior Designers have a glamorous and exciting job?   I happen to like it, but the truth is that a lot of it is not that glamorous. Lots of research, tons of details, measuring, and way more talking about toilets than you would think! The things interior designers do really varies. SomeContinue reading “What I Do and Don’t Do as a Designer”

Remodeling for Smarties Part 2

Hooray, you’ve decided to move forward with your remodel! Here are some tips for making your remodel go smoothly. 1) Research Contractors What I look for in a contractor first and foremost is are they a good manager. A major remodel project is complex and has many details with big potential for costly problems. BeContinue reading “Remodeling for Smarties Part 2”

Remodeling for Smarties: Part 1

Remember how American Idol brought awareness of the music industry to the general public and made musicians cool? Now, thanks to HGTV, everyone is buzzing about home decor and renovation.  Everyone is inspired, but many of us living in reality land with no sponsors, free labor, or husband wife power teams have some unrealistic expectationsContinue reading “Remodeling for Smarties: Part 1”