What I Do and Don’t Do as a Designer

Do you think Interior Designers have a glamorous and exciting job?

assorted gold plated table figurines
Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home on Pexels.com


I happen to like it, but the truth is that a lot of it is not that glamorous. Lots of research, tons of details, measuring, and way more talking about toilets than you would think!

The things interior designers do really varies. Some are more focused on remodeling and construction, some more on luxury homes, some on furniture and decor, some on styling, some on art, some on color.  Some project manage and hire subcontractors, some don’t. Some sell products, some don’t. Some work for big firms, some are solo.

I am more in the middle of the spectrum, working with the everyday things people struggle with. I focus on consulting and planning more than overseeing and managing laborers. I love designing kitchens and bathrooms, choosing materials, simple decorating, and creating cohesive room plans. I love helping people solve problems.

Being into simplicity, I made a list of 12 things I personally do followed by 12 things I don’t do.

hollek selections
Kitchen Selections, Kristin Bythewood Interiors

What I Do

  • Help you create your ideal kitchen or bathroom, either through simpler cosmetic updates or major renovation, and advise you on all the hundreds of details and involved in that process.
  • Help you select furniture, window treatments, lamps, rugs, accessories, artwork for your home or business
  • Help you select tile, flooring, paint, light fixtures, hardware and any other building materials needed for your improvement project
  • Save you time and energy by researching specific items that fit your wants, needs, style and budget
  • Give you the tools and information you need to do the projects you want to do
  • Help you maximize the usefulness and functionality of your home.
  • Provide computer generated floorplans, 3d renderings, and moodboards
  • Help you move your furniture and accessories around to improve a space instantly.
  • Prevent you from making costly bad decisions or unnecessary changes.
  • Help you find your style if you don’t have one
  • Visualize possibilities you haven’t thought about
  • Try to keep you on budget

transitional teal living room (3)

What I Don’t Do:

  • Exterior items like porches, roofs, carports, railings
  • Attic conversions or additions
  • Garages
  • Pools and Water Features
  • Landscaping and Plants
  • Professional Organizing
  • Large Commercial Projects
  • Design Buildings
  • Design Furniture
  • Create Artwork
  • Make custom furniture
  • Feng Shui

While architects and builders are more focused on how the home is constructed from a structural standpoint, I focus on making that home personal and practical and beautiful on the inside for whoever is going to be living in it.

Kristin Bythewood Interiors, Photo by Cate Black Photography

So there it is! Check out my services page if you want more specifics on how I work!

If you haven’t gotten on my email list, email me at kdbythewood@gmail.com and I will add you to my Fourth Friday Newsletter, with some great design tips and updates on what I am working on.

Published by kbythewood

I am in Interior Designer in Austin TX who is passionate about keeping design simple, practical, and affordable for anyone who wants a great space.

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