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kitchen and dining area
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I love to visit model homes in the Austin area, often to get design inspiration or just geek out at what the different homes look like.  A few weeks ago I popped in to a David Weekly Homes Community near me called Presidio Station. After spending some time in the first one, I ooh-ed and aah-ed looking around, racking my brain to figure out how we could pack up and buy this home. The funny thing is, the decor in there wasn’t really my taste, and I probably would have chosen different materials for a lot of it. But you know what model homes have that most homes don’t? Besides expensive upgrades?

They are done. Finished. Completely updated and decorated. No unfinished projects, streamers stuck to the ceiling from a birthday party two years ago, no eclectic mess of mismatched furnishings from former bachelor pads, no stained couches…They are done. And they are done in a cohesive way that creates a sense of calm and peace.

And that is the point.

brown wooden center table
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I think the biggest challenge we face in our homes is finishing. Too often, we move in, set up something in the first few months, and then we lose momentum and just sort of live with things in an unfinished state and wait for “someday” when we will have enough time, money, kids moving out, etc… and we don’t enjoy our homes right now. Well I believe we can finish our homes in whatever season of life, no matter how long you have lived in or plan to live in yours.

Here are some ideas to get you going!

  1. Hang curtains. I love simple linen white IKEA curtains with a sturdy curtain rod in Brushed Nickel or Dark Bronze. They go with everything.
  2. Choose a color scheme. Choose some art or a rug with more than 2 colors, and add some pillows and other things that have those colors. Ideally you stick with similar colors throughout the house, especially if you have a lot of open areas.
  3. Add personal and meaningful items. Put photos in your frames. Get some photo paper and print them from your computer.
  4. Do small things more often. Large projects are very expensive and stressful, try to hone in one small area at a time. Maybe it’s painting the kids bathroom, next month it’s pillows for the sofa. Sometimes it’s hang one curtain rod and curtains, but commit to doing something each month, or before a certain deadline. I keep a short list of projects on a note on my phone or in a notebook. If I write it down I am more likely to do it.
  5. Use a handyman service. There are so many tasks that never get done because certain people in the home aren’t really into “fixing stuff” or the opposite-think they can fix everything and then never finish. Make a list of 3-4 things that are bugging you and call someone to help.

What’s something you can do this week to move toward feeling finished? I’m planning to paint my son’s room before school starts!

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I am in Interior Designer in Austin TX who is passionate about keeping design simple, practical, and affordable for anyone who wants a great space.

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